Georgia on my Mind

For about three years in the early 80’s, my dad was stationed at Ft. Benning, Ga.  I think my entire family fell a little bit in love with Georgia while we were there.  I even liked living on the base itself, because I liked watching the paratroopers while they were training (I didn’t get to see any of the Special Forces, though ;).  We could also drive to Disney World in a day!

It’s not just because of the nice weather, it’s as though the air feels different in Georgia.  I loved so much about it, the trees and the lakes, I even liked the kudzu!  When I moved North, I didn’t think I would really miss much about the South (and there are definently things I do not miss), but I sometimes find myself longing for it’s charm and laid-back style.  I kind of miss being called “ma’am” (even when they really meant “bitch” ;) and I love good homemade southern cooking (although I guess it’s best that I never learned how to do it myself).

Kudzu kills!

Kudzu kills!

I know it’s probably more of a fantasy based on fond childhood memories, but in a way I miss being a Georgia Peach (that’s what they called me when I first moved to Virginia with my “Georgia accent”, which is now long gone).  Georgia also affected my sister, and for several years she has been insisting that one day she is going to move to Savannah.  When it gets cold in Nebraska, like it is now, I’m so tempted to go with her.

“(Leaving) On that midnight train to Georgia
(Leaving on a midnight train)
Said she’s going back (Going back to find)
To find a simpler place and time…”


2 comments on “Georgia on my Mind

  1. LOL! Funny, after my short stint there as an officer's wife, I swore I'd never leave Massachusetts again! I HATED Ft. Benning/Georgia!

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