Man, I Feel Like a Woman

I was watching a news show, and they were talking about women in MMA.  The gist of it was that there isn’t a lot of support for it because the general public doesn’t want to see it.  This is common to women’s sports, but the report said it’s even harder for people to accept women fighting.  It’s not something we are supposed to do, it’s not natural.

That is something I personally have a hard time accepting.  I am a woman, I love being a woman, I love womanly things…but I also love to fight.  I don’t move, think, or feel like a man when I am sparring or grappling, and fighting does not feel “unnatural” to me.  What is unnatural is society convincing women that to be feminine they have to be weak and submissive.

I think the world needs to stop calling boys who are into the arts “sissies”, and girls who are into sports “tomboys”.  There is nothing unnatural about any of it.  I’m a woman, I beat people up, and I get beat up in return…get over it.


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