Baby, it’s Cold Outside

His name is Mr.Chili

Now that the snow has started to fall, I think I will hibernate until my wrist heals and I can go back to the dojo.  It has nothing to do with the fact that I hate the cold (and not being able to train) I just don’t want to risk slipping on the ice, because I might foosh my left arm, too!  Yeah, that’s a good plan, I will sleep for the next few weeks, and when I wake up I will be all healed!  That’s a much better idea than having Butters freeze me until then.  I don’t want to accidentally end up frozen until 2546, and wake up to a world with no video games!  The horror!

The snow has also put a damper on our K9 Kobudo training.  Jay had difficulty hanging onto his icy weapon.  He also insisted upon working with a bo that was larger in diameter than normal, and it proved to be quite a challenge.  Finally he just gave up and threw some snow in my face before he attacked me empty-handed.


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