Hypothetical Idiot

For hypothetical purposes, let’s say I am standing on a chair that has a removable cushion on it, and that the chair is near a wall. Let’s also hypothetically say that I have a broken wrist, and I do not have my arm in a sling. Then let’s say that the hypothetical cushion on the hypothetical chair starts to slide, causing me to almost fall off. Do you think I would:

A. Fall off the chair.

B. Catch myself by posting with my uninjured left hand on the wall.

C. Catch myself by posting with my dominant (but broken) right hand.

If you answered A or B, you are hypothetically wrong. The correct answer is C, and I’m sure it would hypothetically hurt a lot if that happened. Like really, really hurt a LOT…hypothetically.


2 comments on “Hypothetical Idiot

  1. I love hypothetical situations, you get to imagine things that NO sane person would be STUPID enough to go and do! Because that would just be plain crazy given that the hypothetical person needs their hypothetical wrist to mend as quick as possible to get back into the hypothetical game :-)

  2. Exactly! Which is why this is completely hypothetical! But if it did happen, I'm sure the hypothetical person would learn their hypothetical lesson. ;-)

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