While I’ve been out for the past couple of weeks due to injury, there have been a few times when I’ve thought about going to watch Jiu-Jitsu class, but I decided not to.  I’m the kind of person who learns by doing, and it’s just too hard for me to sit idly by.  I’ve previously gone to the dojo when I was injured, intending to only watch, but I ended up participating and either doing something I shouldn’t have, or simply overdoing it.

I believe it’s best if I stay away.  In order to keep my addiction in check long enough to allow my wrist to heal, I simply cannot be around people who are doing Jiu-Jitsu.   My good intentions go right out the window when I am physically exposed to it, and I can’t be trusted to not injure myself further.  In the past, I have even continued grappling immediately after a joint was popped.

Luckily, I am able to read and watch videos without feeling the need to Jitsu the next person I see, so that’s how I’ve been surviving while I’m in self-imposed exile.  It’s not nearly as satisfying, and I don’t feel like I’m learning much, but it’s better than nothing.  Since I started Jiu-Jitsu, the longest amount of time I have ever managed to stay away from class was three weeks, and I’m supposed to double that this time.  *Heavy sigh* I can’t wait until this exile ends.

“I can’t quit you, babe
So I’m gonna put you down for awhile
I said, I can’t quit you, babe
I guess I got to put you down for awhile.”


One comment on “Exile

  1. i was sick for the past couple of weeks and it sucked. i found it tough to get back into it, but i'm glad i feel better and back in the dojo.

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