I can do it myself!

I can do it myself

Anyone who’s ever attempted to help young children do something, like tie their shoes, has probably heard some of them say “No! I can do it myself!”. Now that I’m a one-armed wonder with a broken wrist, I feel like one of those children. There have been more than a few times when my husband has seen me struggling to do something and questioned “Why don’t you just ask for help?” Well, because I don’t need help. It might take me awhile, but I can do it myself! I will only ask for help if I really can’t do it (like tying my shoes, I can’t do that right now).

I’ve guess I’ve always been this way. I won’t ask for help until after I have attempted everything I can think of and failed. It’s not because I’m too proud, or I don’t appreciate assistance, I think it’s just because I hate to be beaten by anything. “Why can’t I get this stupid lightbulb to screw in?! #%&*!” If I’d have given up and let Joe change it, I never would’ve realized that I was just turning the bulb the wrong way, because it felt weird doing it with my left hand.

“How many sorceresses does it take to change a lightbulb?
That depends on what you want the lightbulb changed into.”

I almost changed that lightbulb into several small pieces of glass!

Unfortunately, always using my non-dominant hand has caused me to revert to an extremely high level of klutziness. I have figured out how to do many things quite well with my left hand, but holding onto a cup of coffee does not qualify as one of them. Over the past couple of weeks, three yummy javas have suffered tragic deaths at my hands. I’m a crazed coffee killer, I be takin’ out beans like it ain’t no thing!

I guess Joe’s point is that just because I can do something without help doesn’t mean I have to, or even that I should. Using my left arm all the time does get tiring, so I’ve been taking my right arm out of the sling to use it, even though I’m not supposed to.  Overuse will only slow down my recovery, so if Joe wants to do everything for me when he’s around, I guess there’s no harm in letting him. I only have four weeks left until the brace comes off, and I’m going to start milking this thing for all it’s worth! You asked for it, Joe. For the next month, whenever I want you to do anything, all I expect to hear is “As you wish”.


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