I must have really made Jiu-Jitsu mad when I complained in my last post that it was being mean to me because I kept getting hurt.  Jiu-Jitsu must have been like “Woman, you don’t even have any reason to be complaining about some stupid minor injuries.  Here, let me give you something to complain about!”  Then today, it broke my wrist.

I suppose technically it could be blamed on Judo, because today was our Women’s Jiu-Jitsu Class Throwing Sunday.  As much as I would like to blame it on Judo, and it did happen during a throw, I’m afraid I cannot.  I can’t blame it on Judo, or Jiu-Jitsu, or Amy for making us throw, or even Skyler who is the one who threw me.  No,  I can only blame it on myself.  I did the one thing they tell you to never do, the one thing that they repeatedly warn will cause you to break something…I stuck my arm out to catch my fall, and Skyler landed on my wrist.  We both heard *crack*.

I must have been in a little bit of shock right afterwards, because I don’t remember much, except that suddenly a guardian angel appeared, and she was ordering people around “Get the wrap from my bag!  Get me an ice pack!”  She fed me ibuprofen, wrapped me up, and made me feel better.  She also told me it was okay to cry, and I did.  I was very lucky that Sara was at the dojo today.  Not only is she a friend, but she’s also a medic in training to be a firefighter.

X-ray of my broken wristNormally I’m reluctant about going to the doctor, but in this case I knew it was necessary.  I got it x-rayed, and found out that I broke the tip of the radius on my right wrist.  Bummer.  Except for some small toes, this is the first bone I’ve ever broken.  It hurts.  I’m supposed to go see an orthopedic specialist tomorrow, and I’m looking at probably six weeks out of commission.

I’m not a very good typist to begin with, and I am right-handed, so this injury affects my writing and video game playing abilities as well. I swear I’ve learned my lesson!  Both about sticking my hand out to break my fall, and about complaining about minor injuries.  I’m going to try to never do either of those again.


9 comments on “Broken

  1. Boooo. Sorry to hear that, Gina.There is nothing like a serious injury to make you truly appreciate mat time. Take care of yourself and I hope you heal up quickly!

  2. Good luck with the orthopedic specialist.I know this sounds bad, but broken bones tend to heal faster and better than soft tissue injuries.Heal up fast. :)

  3. Thanks Laura, that's good to know.I don't need surgery, and I didn't even have to get a cast, just a brace. They think it's going to heal just fine. :)

  4. I reluctantly took six weeks completely off, and when I came back I wore a soft brace when I rolled for a month or so. Now it's been just over a year since my wrist was broken, and I have don't really have any problems with it!

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