Civil War

When I went to women’s Jiu-Jitsu yesterday, I was not aware it was going to be an MMA class! Technically it wasn’t, but after getting accidentally kicked and elbowed in the face, and kneed in the head, it kind of felt like it was. To be fair, I also kneed my partner in the groin, but it’s not my fault he wasn’t wearing a cup!

Wait, why was there a man at women’s class? Well, Skyler and AJ were at an anime convention, so I had the bright idea of just taking my husband to class with me. I also thought it would be a great idea to practice no gi. I was wrong, because both of those were horrible ideas! Maybe one or the other would have been okay, but together they pretty much spelled disaster for me. Amy sensed my frustration and said “It’s hard isn’t it, because he doesn’t do anything like he’s supposed to.” Yeah, and he’s also super strong yet freakishly flexible, and he knows way more submissions than he should as a white belt!

We basically did full resistance grappling drills the entire class, and the highlight was probably when he inadvertantly kneed me in the head after I turtled up on my side, which caused Amy to loudly proclaim “When have I ever told you that it’s okay for you to just lay down in the fetal postion?! Never!” The only thing I can think of that went well for me is once when I had him in guard and I was given five seconds to sweep him, and I succeeded.

Every muscle in my body hurts. I have a fat lip, pulled groin, bruised head, and I was almost choked out before I could tap. Meh, I guess it was just an off day. You may have won this round of battles, Mr. Ethridge, but the war isn’t over. There can be only one!


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