Bottom feeder

Bottom feeder“Hey Gina, I have a great idea!”

“Yes Gina, what is it?”

“Why don’t you roll with Fuji, and try to pull him into your guard?”

“That sounds like a wonderful plan! What could possibly go wrong with pulling a mountain down on top of me?”

I really need to stop resorting to guard all of the time. Sure I might be decent at it, but there are times when it’s not the best idea. Yet, it is always my go-to move. If I’m not on your back, then I’m probably on mine. When people have me in side control or mount, I don’t even try to reverse them most of the time, because it’s just easier for me to get to guard (or more commonly, half-guard). Even when I do manage to reverse people, I am not aggressive enough in taking the top position. I just stick with what’s familiar.

I need to always remember what Will told me yesterday…”I’m very unhappy with the way you just accepted half-guard when you could have mounted me. Don’t do that anymore.”


2 comments on “Bottom feeder

  1. Yes, always look to improve position, but that doesn't mean you can't get there through guard.I play (half) guard a lot during training, I will always pull half and most of my escapes / transition involveme getting to half…but this allows me to work my sweeps / submission from it.I can't remember how often I have been told I have a strong top game after /during a competition – the first few times it was a surptise as I really do concentrate on playing guard more. But, I suppose the better I get at guard, the more I am sweeping and end up on top, which means I get to practice top control quite a lot too. Oh, and knowing a guard inside-out also helps you to not get controlled by someone when they are using that guard – so it all helps!

  2. Thanks, Matt!I think part of my problem is that I get too comfortable in staying in guard, and I don't try to sweep enough, especially from half-guard.I have noticed that most people cannot keep me in their guard, so that is definitely a bonus!

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