Shout out

Best of the Best BJJ

The only big BJJ tournament that takes place in Nebraska is BJJ Omaha’s Best of the Best ProAms. If they didn’t hold competitions every few months, the only other options for competing would require me to travel to other states, which is not usually possible on my budget. So I really appreciate what they have done to grow the sport in our area, and the opportunities they give us to compete.

They run a well-organized tournament that is moderately priced (especially for woman and children). My only complaint after my first BOTB was that I had just one competitor, and therefore only one match. Then when I went to the next one, I was happy to learn that they had changed it to two out of three. They always keep things moving along, and everyone is very professional. I’ve never had to wait for excessive amounts of time (like I did at a tourney in KC). It’s a nice environment to compete in, and I’m usually done in a couple of hours.

As if all that wasn’t enough, they are also very understanding and accommodating. I had to withdraw from the latest tournament at the last minute, because I was sick. I hated the thought of losing the money I had paid, but I knew competing was not a good idea. I sent a message to the man in charge, Dana Taylor, and he offered to credit my entry fee towards a future tournament. He doesn’t know me, and he didn’t have to do this. I am very appreciative that he did. My teammate Mike also had to withdraw due to an injury, and he was also credited to compete in the future.

I hear about people running tournaments just for the money, and not really caring about the competitors or the sport, but thankfully that is not the case with the Best of the Best. I wanted to give them a shout-out for their professionalism and willingness to keep their competitors happy. Even if my entry fee hadn’t been credited, I would’ve still signed up to compete again in the future. Not because they are the only option around, but because I think they do a great job. I appreciate what they do, and as a competitor they make me feel appreciated in return.


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