Sneak Attack

I have a habit of jumping on unsuspecting people’s backs on the mat, instead of actually asking them if they want to roll. It’s easier for me to just attack people than to speak to them, and as a bonus I get to start on their back! I only do this to people I know fairly well, and I don’t think it’s very unsuspected anymore.

Yesterday during open mat, I got a taste of my own medicine. As I was sitting on the mat, I suddenly found myself in someone’s back control. There I was trying to defend being choked, and I had NO idea who it was! That was a really weird feeling, to not know who I was fighting. I did figure it out before I was able to get turned around and see them, but only because there were so few of us there.

Sneak Attack: even drops spartansI was pretty surprised when I realized that Jerad was the one on my back, I never would’ve expected that he would ninja me! I’m very glad that he did, because it was unexpected fun, and a good roll. One of the best things about grappling with him is that I really get to work on my defense, since he never gives me a second to even think about attacking! It’s an all-out fight for my life, against some super technique. Yesterday, he repeatedly tried to choke me, and he was repeatedly denied! So he settled for a couple of gnarly armbars instead.

I haven’t grappled with Jerad a lot, because he is a senior purple belt who is in high demand, and I’m usually too intimidated to approach him (not to roll with him, just to ask him to roll). So, I really appreciate him seeking me out…back attack and all! Sneak attacks are good practice for martial artists, they can teach you how to react when you don’t see a threat coming. Jerad and I are just trying to help our fellow students learn to stay on their toes.


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