The Ginga Ninja

I’m really looking forward to the Friday Fright Night Fights!  We managed to score table seats, so we get to be up close and personal for some great live MMA action.  Julian Fernandez was supposed to be fighting, but they can’t seem to find anyone who wants to step into the cage with him (not that I can blame them!).  That’s disappointing, because he always puts on a great show, but I’m sure there there will be plenty of other wicked awesome fights.

One match that I’m very excited to see is Rob Bieber’s (son of Harvey my Hero, and thankfully no relation to Justin ;)  He is known as The Ginga Ninja, and he is the most bad-ass Ginger I’ve ever met (besides myself, of course).  He has freakishly long arms and legs, and he can triangle choke a six foot man who is standing, while he is laying on his back!  I swear I saw him do it once.

His MMA record stands at 7-0, with most of his wins being by submission.  For one of his fights, the results say “Rob Bieber Wins by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 0:00 in the 0th round”  Um…I’m not exactly sure how you RNC someone in 0:00 seconds, but if anyone could, it’s Rob!  I can’t wait to see him in action on Friday.

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