Down With the Sickness

Feeling green

My “stop being sick and start being awesome” plan has hit a snag…I am most definitely awesome, but I am also still sick.

The decision whether to compete tomorrow is a hard one to make. As for myself, I want to do it and I think that I physically could. However, Amy pointed out I probably shouldn’t compete with a cold because I will “get the entire Jiu-Jitsu community sick.” I know there’s not a whole lot of us around here, but I think that might be a little bit of an overstatement, Amy!

I might not infect everyone, but there’s a good possibility that I could share more than sweat with my opponent, and that doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. I will feel bad for my competitor if I can’t make it, because she is coming all the way from Minnesota, and besides me the closest woman to her size outweighs her by at least 35 pounds, but I would feel even worse if she ended up going home with a bug because of me.

I really hate the thought of missing this tournament. I was actually looking forward to it (in my twisted, terrified, love-and-hate-it kind of way). It’s sad that I might have gone through all the build-up and stress for nothing (not to mention the money I paid). The general consensus is that I should not do it, but even while writing this I have changed my mind several times.

However, I think Julian’s Facebook comments have finally given me the answers I need: “Its a matter of do you feel that you can give and feel 100% out there”. No, I don’t. I feel like eating chicken soup and climbing into a warm bed with a vaporizer, tissues and a good book, and staying there for a couple of days. “If you’re that sick….withdraw!!! they’ll be alot more tournaments darlin :) im also one that doesn’t like to withdraw but its better in the end.”


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