Since I still can’t seem to decide whether I want to compete in two weeks or not, I decided to just flip a coin…

It’s heads!
Oh wait, I didn’t decide if heads meant I would or wouldn’t compete. I guess heads should mean I will, and tails I won’t. Okay, I’m going to start over…

Well, I don’t know, I do kind of want to do it. Maybe I should flip again.
Two out of three.


Do I really want to compete, though, or do I just feel like I should? I’m not sure. I think I should flip again. Three out of five.


But there’s really no reason not to do it, except for being lazy and chicken. Hmmmmm, I’m flipping again…five out of seven.

At 27 out of 29 I finally made a decision! I decided to just take my quarter and go buy this cool ring out of a vending machine…


2 comments on “Flipping

  1. Yes (I just decided that right this second).“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.”― Mark Twain

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