Cauliflower conversation:

Me: If you want my ear drained, you’re going to have to do it.

Joe: Oh, hell no.

Me: Fine, I’ll just do it myself, but you have to buy the syringe.

Joe: So you want me to look like some kind of drug addict for you?

Me: Yes, yes I do.

Joe: Fine, I’ll buy it, but you better figure out who you’re going to call when you realize you can’t stick that needle in your own ear.

Me: Psssshhhh!

Post cauliflower earI drained it myself. First I went to the how-to on Georgette’s blog and re-read it (thank you, Georgette!). Then I just went for it. I did numb it with an ice cube a little bit, but it was really no big deal. As someone who has gotten multiple tattoos and piercings, needles and blood don’t really bother me.

Stephanie the Jiujitsunista requested a picture, and if you look closely at it you can see the hole where the syringe went it. Luckily I only had to pierce it once and I was able to drain it all. I should have made Joe get more needles though, because there’s a good chance it will fill back up and I might have to re-drain it. Right now, I’m pretty happy with the results. I have two normal looking ears again!


2 comments on “Earie

  1. Looks good! I don't know what your ear looked like pre-cauli, but I can't tell you had it. And your lucky you got it all in one go. I had to stab mine about 10 times over the course of 4 days.

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