For some reason I never really worried that I would get cauliflower ear. I guess I thought my Super Ginger Ninja Powers would make me immune, but it turns out that I was wrong. I also always thought that if I did ever get it, I would have no problem with draining it and moving on. Turns out I was wrong about that, too.

I’m not sure how or when I got it, but I noticed it about a week ago. I wasn’t worried at first, I thought “Oh, it’s not really cauliflower ear, it’s just small, it’ll go away”. Yeah well, it’s not going away. I know I should drain it, and I will drain it, but I haven’t yet because I think I will miss it when it’s gone. Yes it hurts, yes it’s ugly…but in a way I’m proud of it, because it is visible proof that I am a grappler.

When I told my husband that I liked it and I was actually glad that I got it, he said “Great. Take a picture of it, write a blog post about it, then drain it and get some headgear!” Oh yeah…headgear. Super. I’ve been trying to hold onto the tiny sliver of coolness that I have left, but I guess that’s over now.

Cauliflower ear
Bad ear, good ear.

6 comments on “Cauliflowear

  1. If you are going to drain it, do it right away. The longer you wait, the blood gets all clotted up and it's harder to drain (ie, hurts more and required a larger incision).

  2. You just had to bring that up, didn't you? I was trying to pretend it never happened…I'll guess I'll just have to puke on you next time, and then write about that :pBtw, I did drain my ear today, and it was nice and gross and bloody :D

  3. Impressive! lol My cauliflower ear was hardly noticeable even when I pointed it out. Can we see a picture of your ear post drain? lol I like pictures. hehe

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