Fun, Fun, Fun

I believe there are only a couple of reasons I’ve been able to keep my stubborn teenage daughter going to women’s Jiu-Jitsu class with me for the past couple of years: #1 She knows she can tap me out, and #2 Amy always makes the class fun.

In women’s class we never do anything “slow” or “fast”, it’s always “Night of the Living Dead zombie speed”, or “28 Days Later zombie speed”.  Amy doesn’t call Skyler and I by our names, we are “The Light Ninja” and “The Dark Ninja”.  AJ, our newest student, is “The Pink Ninja”.

One Sunday we had to change our class to the same time as no gi Jiu-Jitsu, and we had four women that day, but Ray and Adam (The Doggfather and The Hulk) were the only ones who showed up for no gi.  They decided to just join us, and Amy taught everyone.  It was totally fun!

Instead of regular open mat at the end of class, she had us do a King/Queen of the mat.  We did it one-on-one the first time (yeah, I was the Queen).  Then for the second round she had the women go two-on-one (yeah, I was the Queen again!).  I actually tapped out one of my attackers in my guard while the other one was on my back.  Apparently I’m better at Jiu-Jitsu when I fight two at a time!  Probably because there was less time for me to over-think, I just had to react.

Since there were only two gentleman, Adam went against Ray, Kristy and Skyler.  He took out the ladies, but Ray finished him off.  Then Ray, being the senior student, took on Adam, Kristy, Skyler and myself.  Kristy and I were submitted first, he got me with an ankle lock.  Skyler hung in there for awhile, but then she was also tapped out.  Time ran out before the Doggfather vs. Hulk battle ended.  It was epic.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how many Roseberry’s Women’s Jiu-Jitsu class students it takes to submit Ray, the answer is: more than three!  We might have done better if we hadn’t been laughing so much and having such a good time, but that’s part of the charm of Amy’s class.  Even when we are working really hard, it feels like play.


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