Don’t Know Why

Have you ever done something in competition, then later on you wondered “Why in the world did I do that?” That’s how I feel every time I notice the picture at the top of my blog, where I’m putting on a rear naked choke. I don’t know why my hand is on her forehead. That’s not how I was taught to rnc, and to the best of my knowledge that’s the only time I have ever done it that way (and I’ve done it a lot!).

I guess it worked in this case, because she tapped, but my normal method is to put my hand on the back of their head. I’ve been doing it with my palm towards the head, but I was recently told to use the back of my hand instead. I asked why, but I don’t remember getting an answer.

At the beginning of my recent Judo match with Ken, I got him in a rear naked choke, but since touching the head is forbidden in Judo, I wasn’t sure how to finish it. I believe I gable-gripped my hands on the side of his head, but since I wasn’t able to crank it in any way, I couldn’t get him to tap (because he’s a stubborn jerk). In that instance I should have just gone for a rear gi choke instead. Especially considering the fact that it is the only submission I have ever successfully tapped The Unchokable Ken out with. Exactly once.

Rear naked choke

I’ve seen many different variations of rear naked choke, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone put their hand on the forehead like I did in that picture. It was over a year ago, but to this day I still wonder why I did that. Over-think much? Perhaps it’s simply because I had recently seen a Head-On commercial…apply directly to the forehead!


7 comments on “Don’t Know Why

  1. Did you finish it that way? I always assumed that that point in the photo you were going for the RNC, and were pulling her head up to get your arm better under her chin. But anyway, yes…. I often see photos or videos of myself grappling and think, why did I do that?!

  2. I've done that before :) LOL! When they had a big fat knot of hair back there and I didn't want to mess it up…If you ever get in the judo situation again, you can finish a choke from the back without touching their head by doing what we call a 4 finger choke. Instead of elbow under their chin, just have your forearm straight across their neck. That hand is palm down in front of their collarbone. Your other arm is vertically on their back parallel to the spine, with palm up over their shoulder. Hands grab each other like a gable grip. I think maybe this is what you're describing– if it is, the force to choke comes from trying to keep the forearm across their neck parallel to their shoulders, and using the other arm (the vertical one) for leverage.It's not a blood choke like the RNC, it's a straight up wind choke and ghastly uncomfortable. Almost a pain choke. Have fun!

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