Amazing Grace

Sometimes people will ask me why I get injured so often, and I never know what to say. I feel like telling them “If I knew the answer to that, maybe I could stop it!”.

Sadly, I think I do know the answer, it’s mainly because I am a klutz. When I was little and we would go out to eat, my mom would always tell the waitress to only fill my drink up halfway. She knew that at some point during dinner, I would knock it over, it was inevitable. She used to joke that she should have named me “Grace”.

I fall up the stairs, run into furniture and walls, trip over my own feet, and stub my toes, almost on a daily basis. I even still have a crack in my forehead from when I ran into a large metal pole about twenty years ago. I actually stubbed my toe on the pole first, then as I was bending over in pain, I hit my head.

Although training martial arts has helped me to lessen my clumsiness, and increase my awareness of things around me, I could still be the fourth stooge. About four months ago I ran head first into one of those hanging scales at the grocery store, causing a very loud “clang”, and endless laughter and teasing from Skyler, who was lucky enough to witness it.

Today I went out to lunch with my mom, grandma and sister. I was allowed to have a full drink, and I didn’t spill it! However, as I was scooting my chair in, I did crack my knee really hard on the brace under the table. Owww!  Sigh. Some things never change.

“I’ve fallen out of favor
And I’ve fallen from grace
Fallen out of trees
And I’ve fallen on my face” 

4 comments on “Amazing Grace

  1. It doesn't get better ever :)I used to do a lot of parkour, and I'd do some pretty cool stuff that would make people go 'wow'.But then I'd go and sprain an ankle on a street curb while walking 'normally'klutz is for life :/ not quite sure if it's terminal.

  2. Please post video of you falling "up" the stairs!Injury in training is inevitable Gina. I think the biggest problem of it is that even though we all have micro injuries so to speak, none of us ever know when to stop. Training on these sorta cultivates them into bigger injuries and then we are forced to stop much longer than if we would have just taken a day or two off…

  3. I probably shouldn't think that's funny, but I do because it totally describes my jiu-jitsu life. Sad but true.Yeah, I'm sure I would have YouTube gold if I posted videos of my grace on stairs! :D

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