Love Triangles

One submission that I have a lot of success with in open mat is triangle choke, but I have yet to submit someone in competition with one, so I’ve decided one of my goals right now is perfecting my triangles.  I want to understand all of the little nuances that can make or break it.  So yesterday when I was rolling with Joe I tried to go after triangles as often as possible.

The triangle king
Danger: The Triangle King

I successfully triangled him from guard, mount, and back control.  Since all of these positions create a slightly different choke, after I did each one I asked him to allow me to put them on again and figure out exactly how each one worked.  What I discovered was that, no matter what position you are in, one of the keys to a successful triangle is the leg that is closest to their neck, the one without the arm.  I found that if it was diagonal in any way across Joe’s body, I couldn’t tap him out, but if I pivoted so that leg was horizontal to him, tappity tap tap tap!

This was especially effective when I triangled him from mount.  I was able to submit him without even touching his head.  Once I had the choke locked on, I just scooted my body around until that leg was cinched straight across the back of his neck.  This closes off any extra space, which is also the reason we are taught to pivot towards that side when triangling from guard.

Another thing I learned is that a triangle from back mount is especially brutal, since it is less of a blood choke, like from guard or mount, and more of a “I am crushing your trachea with my leg” choke.  It might not work as well that way if you don’t have twig legs like mine, I think muscly tree trunks might have a harder time with that.  When I pushed Joe’s head down and he tapped, it felt more to me like I was neck-cranking him, until he pointed out that my leg was digging right into his throat.  I guess I should have been a little more careful with that one, though, because he has been complaining of a sore throat ever since.

So If I meet you in open mat anytime soon, I will try to triangle you. Repeatedly, and from multiple positions.  Consider yourself warned.


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