No sweat

I don’t like it when people take it easy on me.  Although sometimes they do underestimate me and go way too light, usually my dislike for being treated with kid gloves has more to do with my own ego.  I don’t like the fact that they have to take it easy on me.  I don’t like that I’m too weak, small, old, uncoordinated, untalented, or whatever it is that causes them to hold back.  In my mind I am an unbeatable warrior, capable of slaying any foe who dares challenge me, but in reality I am often beaten by people who don’t even have to try.  They take it easy on me, and I still get tapped out.  So I would rather have someone go too hard, because at least afterward I can tell myself that I only lost because of that.  Wink.

It’s not so bad when I can’t tell how much they are holding back, when they at least pretend that it’s a struggle.  To have someone never once use their size or strength against me, yet still tap me out as easily as they would a five year-old child, makes me feel pretty stupid.  Especially when at the same time they’re doing it, they are on their iPhone updating their Facebook status.  I know you can submit me any time you feel like, but could you at least break a sweat while you do it?  Wink.


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