I Feel Free

What has martial arts training given me? Among other things, freedom. I used to live in a cage of my own creation. I was timid and unsure of myself, always looking to others for approval. I buried myself beneath feelings of inadequacy, and I was afraid to take chances.

Freedom isn't freeThat all changed when, through martial arts, I began to understand my own power. I’m not talking about the physical side, but rather the power of my own inner strength. Every time a seemingly impossible task was placed before me and I surmounted it, I began to understand that my own potential was much greater than I realized.

To learn that I could do things in the dojo that I thought I couldn’t do made me start to wonder in what other ways my own notions of myself were holding me back. I realized that there is no shame in trying and failing, the only true indicator of failure is in not trying at all. One by one I am breaking the chains that have long kept me down. Finally, I feel free.

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