My Own Worst Enemy

The comments I got on my last post made me realize that I was focusing too much on the negative (once again). I took a compliment about my strength to mean that I was devoid of technique, and I was only thinking about the one portion of that roll which frustrated me. When I thought about the rest of it, I realized that I actually did very well against an opponent who was roughly twice my size, and who was not afraid to use his strength and weight against me. I was really the one in control the entire time we grappled, and I could not have done that strength vs. strength, I must have had some technique going on.

So, here are the things I did RIGHT during that roll…

♥ I took his back.

♥ I almost rnc’d him.

♥ He rotated out of back control, but he could not escape my guard.

♥ I almost gi choked him.

(this is when he laid on me, and went after my wrist)

♥ After I broke one of his grips by underhooking his arm, he still wouldn’t let go of my wrist with his other hand, so I hooked my leg over his head (gogoplata style), put pressure on his throat, and reversed him.

♥ I got him in north-south, and held it.

♥ I rotated to side control, and held it.

♥ I mounted him, and held it.

♥ I almost ezekieled him.

(then he reversed me)

♥ I threw him in a triangle (easy like Sunday morning!).

(when I was pivoting to the side to really sink it in, I knew his fate was sealed, then…ow…twisty knee…hurtiness again…stop grappling…sad face)

If we pretend that this was a competition, and that we ran out of time (as opposed to that I had to quit due to babying an injury…because if this had been in competition, I would have kept fighting), I believe I won 8-0, with at least one advantage for the rnc attempt (he admitted he was really close to tapping on that one). Not bad.


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