Rock wins, by a landslide!

Paper, scissors, rock 'n rollAt the recent Battle on the Plains III tournament, I saw one match where two teammates were set to compete against each other. When the match started, they walked out onto the mat and threw rock, paper, scissors. The loser bent over and tapped the mat, ending the match.

I don’t know why they decided to do it this way. Perhaps they didn’t want to risk injury or wear themselves out on their own teammate, maybe they wanted to save their fighting for outside competition. It could be that they feel like their friendship is better when they don’t compete with each other, or they just don’t like to.
Whatever the reason, I thought it was a very diplomatic solution. Sara and I used to do rock, paper, scissors to decide who would stay and who would rotate when we traded partners in jiu-jitsu class, until Conan started designating that the senior student should stay. He probably did that because it is the etiquette, and to save time, but I think it’s mostly because he enjoys killing all that is fun.

I just hope it wasn’t each of those competitors’ only chance to fight at the tournament that day, because we didn’t get that one on video. It’s a shame, too, because it was epic! Rock won, of course. Rock should always win.


5 comments on “Rock wins, by a landslide!

  1. Hm I would think as Jiu-Jitsu practitioners we would prefer paper. Although paper sounds lame, the fact that it covers up rock. Kind of like that martial art's philosophy of being like water and adapting to our opponent.I don't think I would drop out of a tournament for a friend. I'm curious what their reasons were.

  2. I think you may have just identified a major problem with my game…I keep trying to be rock, when I should be try to be paper! :)I agree with you that I wouldn't want to drop out. Every match is a chance to learn something.

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