Cupcake War

Skyler wanted cupcakes for her graduation party, so instead of doing the intelligent thing and paying someone else to make them, we decided to do it ourselves. It took a lot longer to make 180 cupcakes than I was anticipating. On the show Cupcake Wars they make 2,000 cupcakes in 90 minutes, so I thought 180 should be NO problem! I forgot that I only have one oven, and one assistant, and no carpenter with a beard and plaid shirt. Bummer.

By the end of the process, I think I was wearing more frosting than the cupcakes, and every surface of my kitchen had sprinkles on it. Each of my fingers are now tinted a different color, and really…why is it so hard to make bright orange frosting? After at least three trips to the grocery store (and one to my mom :) for more supplies, we finally won the cupcake war! There were a few casualties, mostly the chocolate ones…um, I have no idea where they went, I’m listing them as M.I.A.

It was all worth it, though, because Skyler and I took on this battle together. Our cupcakes aren’t perfect, and we had quite a mess to clean up, but every single one of them was made with love and laughter. I was side by side with my best soldier, and you can’t beat that, Cupcakes! We are temporarily holding you as P.O.W.’s, but tomorrow…you shall all die.


2 comments on “Cupcake War

  1. Moments like those are ones you will never forget! You and Skyler sound adorable. We lived in Omaha (Offutt AFB) for 3 years and often talk about going back for a visit. If we ever do, we have to take a trip to Lincoln to meet you guys and do some mother/daughter training.

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