I bought donuts at the grocery store. This is unusual, I don’t normally buy them because if I don’t buy them, then I won’t eat them. However if I buy a dozen, I will eat them all…by myself…in two days…or less. I have no willpower.

I think the donut buying is a symptom of not being able to train. Since I’ve been nursing an injured knee and I can’t go to the dojo, I haven’t been exercising. I am lazy and unmotivated. I need a mean Sensei to yell at me to get me to work out.

Instead I’ve been sulking around, depressed, and I have gained seven pounds over the past two weeks. Now I’m staring at a box of donuts, and it’s only a matter of time before I submit them all. Oh please let me be able to train again soon, before I turn into Homer Simpson.

Homer D'ohnut
Moe: When are you gonna fight back?
Homer: Never!
Moe: What are you gonna do?
Homer: Nothing!
Moe: That’s my boy!


6 comments on “D’oh!

  1. Is there any good exercise you *can* do that won't hurt your knee?I'm trying to motivate my own lazy and injured butt to go do some formwork…. if you can do *anything*, make you a deal- 90 min apiece within the next three days (no fair me counting my regular Sunday kung fu class as part of it) and report back? If either of us renege, that person has to buy doughnuts for the other. Challenge? ;-)

  2. Hahaha! Yes, I *can* do some working out, I just haven't had the right incentive…until now ;-) 90 mins of form work in 3 days…I think I can do that! But this better start on Saturday, because I've already eaten a bunch of donuts today, and now I just want to enjoy the sugar high…

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