Ginger Snaps: Submitting one cookie at a time

What I have learned in my first six months of Ginger Snaps…

No Ginger Spice 

10. Some people seem to think I am a Spice Girl, because they found my blog by searching “ginger spice blog jiu jitsu”.
If I was a Spice Girl, I would be Scary.

Judo throws poster 

9. If you post a picture of a judo throws poster, a lot of people will want it.
                              Too bad it’s so blurry.

Ginger Snaps: The movie

8. There is a cult film about werewolves called “Ginger Snaps”.

No, I am not a werewolf.

7. If you use the words “naked” or “thong” in your posts, some creeps will visit your blog.
                                  Also “boy” and “singlet”.


6. People who sell Male Enhancement Products like to try to leave comments about them on random blogs.

I may know what language it is, but I recognize spam when I see it.

 5. Apparently people don’t mind listening to me complain, because my most popular post so far is Venting (next to Sixty Throws, which they are only visiting for the judo poster).

I don’t think my husband agrees.


4. I really use the word “really” too much. Really.


                            I really, really do.

3. Most of the anonymous comments I get are from people I know in real life. 

                          I must protect their secret identities.


2. Martial arts are truly universal, people from over fifty different countries have visited this blog.

Shout out to Latvia!

1. There is a large community of wonderful martial artists and bloggers out there, and I am honored that they have welcomed me so warmly into their group.

Ginger voodoo
Thank you to everyone who has read my thoughts over the past six months! I will keep on Ginger Snapping, and submitting one cookie at a time…


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