Iced Out

I’m all iced out!

“Bubble hard in the double R, flashin’ the rings
With the window cracked, holler back, money ain’t a thing.”

Oh wait, not that kind of ice! The other kind of ice is this girl’s best friend right now.  I’m supposed to be competing this coming Saturday, but my right knee is not cooperating with the plan. It has been an ongoing problem for me, due to the fact that I dislocated it not too long ago, and now I have also developed bursitis. The only way for these issues to heal is to take some time off from jiu-jitsu, and since I’ve refused to do that, my knee has decided it’s going to cause me so much pain that I cannot ignore it anymore. Blarg.

So now I am on dojo restriction at least until after I compete. I’m going to be hobbling around all week with an ice pack strapped to my knee, and a bad attitude. I would recommend that everyone steer clear of me until I am able to train again. Unless you’ve always wondered what it feels like to have an ice pack down your throat.


3 comments on “Iced Out

  1. Holy, predictive text is awful. I meant gym restriction, lol.I was lucky it was an elbow and not a knee, I could still run, etc. So those around me didn't have to fear me much. ;)

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