Through the Looking Glass

You do martial arts, you mean like taekwondo or karate?

Yes I train karate, and also jiu-jitsu.


It’s mainly ground fighting.

Punching people on the ground?

No, there’s no striking

Then how do you win?

With submissions.

What’s a submission?

Making someone say “Uncle”.

How do you do that?

You can attempt to break limbs, or cause enough pain to make them want to give up. My favorite is to choke people within seconds of unconsciousness.

They do all those things to you, too?We're all mad here

Well, they try

You let people try to break your arms and choke you?


And you do this for fun?


You’re crazy! Stay away from me!

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” — Tim Burton

6 comments on “Through the Looking Glass

  1. In *real* jiujitsu, you get to punch people on the ground ;)which is a good thing, quite often where I see 'grappling only' ground fighting I see people attempt so many silly things that would just earn them a punch in the nose.makes it much much less relevant for self defense if you only grapple. Things that you think are safe, are truly not!

  2. You are correct, Keith! Luckily, at our school we do practice ground fighting as self-defense as well, and we allow striking. It is certainly a whole different thing when it's not just grappling! It's weird that I don't think of that as "jiu-jitsu" though, even though it clearly is :/ Thanks for pointing that out to me.

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