Have gi, will grapple

8ad5b-singletIf someone ever attacks me on the street, I really hope they are wearing a gi. Or at least pajamas and a robe, or maybe a big coat. I hope they are not wearing a wife-beater and a thong, or (shudder) a singlet. I guess the worst case scenario would be being attacked by a naked person. Naked people are really slippery, and there’s also a very good chance that they are crazy. I do not want to be fighting with a crazy, slippery, nude dude. However, I suppose if they aren’t wearing any clothes, they also probably don’t have a concealed weapon, so that’s a plus.

I think I rely too much on the gi. I don’t do enough no gi rolling, so I don’t get as much practice on controlling someone without using gi holds. I’ve even I grabbed my partner’s clothes without even realizing I was doing it. The good thing about it is that you can use someone’s clothing against them on the street, but it’s a lot harder to “gi choke” someone who’s wearing a t-shirt. I know because I’ve tried it, one of the guys let me, but his shirt just kept stretching, and I let go when it felt like it was about to rip.

I suppose the only remedy for my no gi deficiency is to grapple with more naked people. Just kidding! I guess I could buy my husband a onesie…oops I mean a singlet…and make him wear it when we grapple. However, I think getting him to put it on would be a bigger fight than the actual roll, and there’s no way I would be seen with him dressed like that.

Luckily, summer is coming up and gis will be coming off, so I’ll have more chances to grapple with people who aren’t wearing them. So watch out Mr. Crazy Naked Guy On The Street, because if I don’t have any clothing to grab hold of, I will latch onto whatever body parts I can find!


6 comments on “Have gi, will grapple

  1. It is common for drugged-out people to take off their clothes. So if you get attacked by a naked crazy person, he's probably high and immune to pain as well. Just sayin'. Luckily, he still needs oxygen- so practice those no-gi chokes!

  2. Lol! Conan suggested a rear naked choke for drunk people because of the pain tolerance factor, so I guess the same would apply for a tweaker :-)

  3. Cracked up at the singlet picture. Also threw up a little bit at the singlet picture. GROSS!! I have the same problem, too. When I grapple no gi I feel like I lost all my handles. ;)

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