The Judo Borg

The Judo BorgI think I am quietly being assimilated. I recently admitted to Ray Peterson-Sensei that I don’t hate judo anymore, and he says that’s because he gave me the sixty throws challenge. As I started studying the throws, and putting the words and pictures together, I began to see patterns, and to have a better understanding of how the techniques work. In some ways judo became more interesting to me, and I was able to see and feel things that I hadn’t before. As a result, I think my technique on the throws I already know has improved, and it’s becoming easier for me to understand new throws when they are taught to me. All of this came about simply from changing my mindset about judo from a chore to a challenge.

I still can’t do most of the throws, but I actually enjoy working on them now. I’m still not going to judo class, and I guess it’s probably wrong for me to think of the throwing we do in jiu-jitsu class as judo, but I can’t help it. Whatever you want to call it, I don’t hate doing take-downs anymore. Except for wrestling take-downs, those suck! Just kidding (but my knees don’t like some of them). Now that I know resistance is futile, I have a greater appreciation for how much having a strong understanding of the stand-up game can improve my grappling. Anyone can jump guard, but there’s nothing like the feeling when you execute a great throw and hit the mat already in full control of your opponent. I don’t hate it. Not a bit.

“We too are on a quest to better ourselves, evolving toward a state of perfection.” -Borg Queen


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