Release Me

TrappedYou know what drives me crazy while grappling? When I have a guy in guard, and he pins my arms to the mat over my head. The experienced people don’t do it, just the newbs. Conan says to relax, because they can’t do anything to me since they have both of their arms tied up holding mine, but it is so annoying. It’s really just a desperation move, and I hate stalling, so it makes me want to head butt them.

They always let go eventually, so I’ve stopped trying to free myself when it happens, but I hate the feeling of being trapped and helpless while they are using their strength to hold my arms down. I haven’t yet come up with a good way to taunt them when they do it, something like “Very impressive, Mr. Strong Man, why don’t you try that on someone your own size and see how well it works!”, or “You better hope you don’t get tired because as soon as you let me go I’m going to choke the living crap out of you!”

No one has been able to tell me a viable defense to stop it from happening, or to escape it when it does. These men are simply strong-arming me, and I don’t have any real options that I know of, other than to wait it out. At first, this worried me a little bit from a self-defense standpoint, since I do not want to get stuck in that position on the street. However, sometimes I forget that in jiu-jitsu I am not allowed to use all the weapons at my disposal. Let’s see them try to hold my arms down while I am kicking and biting!

I guess I should take it as a compliment, since I have obviously frustrated them, and they don’t know what else to do. Dave O.told me that sometimes he just wants to grab my braids and pin me to the mat, since I won’t stop moving. He said “I just want to hold you down, so you will stop trying to attack me!”, but he doesn’t actually do it.

So, if you are pinning my arms so that I can’t submit you, I hope you realize that I have won. You got nothing, and eventually I will make you pay for your rudeness. All you are doing is making me mad, and if you already think I am hard to handle, you really don’t want to fight me when I’m mad. Need I remind you that I am part Irish. Enough said.


6 comments on “Release Me

  1. Gina, I would try to pop one or both of your feet on the top of their knee(s). This way they are still in guard, but you are attacking 2 of their points. Thrust your legs and they potentially lose their posts. In a defense situation a heel to the knee would hurt like hell.

  2. Sometimes you can push toward him like crazy for a minute, so that he's concentraing on pinning your wrists DOWN, and then you suddenly yank your hands out to the sides. Pair it with a good hard upa. But you have to do it really sudden and hard, or it won't work. Important note; You MUST jerk your head to the side just as you move your arms, because otherwise you will bonk your foreheads together very painfully.

  3. There are opportunity escapes (ie, not always 100% possible)depending how your arms are being pinned…..if they are holding at your wrists. It leaves a bit of mobility. You can then kind of shoot your head under their arm (ie, the gap between their body and their arm). and then bridge your head backwards against their elbow. they will come forward and you should be able to take their back.

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