Mi Plan

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” -Mike Tyson.

I had a plan for the tournament, and I didn’t get punched in the mouth, so I stuck with it. My goal was to submit with a gi choke. I think it was a good plan, and it might have even succeeded if, on my best attempt, I hadn’t accidentally grabbed her braid along with her gi. My hand just kept sliding down her hair, until *ping*, off came her hair tie, and my grip.

I think the problem with my plan is that I didn’t have a back-up. I just kept focusing on the gi choke, and my tunnel vision prevented me from seeing any other options. When I watched the video, I could see about 87 times where I should have armbarred her instead. It doesn’t help that I am generally too focused on choking, and I don’t go after other submissions like I should.

I feel like I still have a delayed reaction time in realizing what is happening. My brain and my body are not communicating with each other like they should be, and I am missing opportunities because of it. I can see things afterward, but while I am in the midst of fighting there is a lot that I miss.

While it’s good to have a plan; to have some idea in your head of how you would like the match to go, if your plan isn’t working out you should abandon it. When I didn’t get the gi choke, I should have moved on to something else.

If only someone would have punched me in the mouth.

“The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!”- Robert Burns

5 comments on “Mi Plan

  1. I find that when I compete with a very specific goal I do worse than when I go with a more broad goal. Or at least I feel worse about it, but that is probably because the specific goals are harder to reach. I also get tunnel vision bad when I compete. I nearly missed a gimme triangle last time because I was too focused on taking her back.. Thankfully though, my coach did NOT miss it. "TRIANGLE HER STEPHANIE!" helped me to see the light. heheheI'd love to see your competition footage though! If you are feeling like putting yourself on line for the world to gawk at! =) Congrats on competing!!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! I'm starting to think that I should not have had a specific goal. I guess I figured I should have something in mind so that I didn't draw a complete blank when I got out there, but now I think it probably would have been better to just go with the flow. I mean, that's what jiu-jitsu is supposed to be about anyway.I did post my vid on YouTube, you can see it here.

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