Ready to Roll

I’m under strict orders by my coach to not grapple anymore until after the tournament, and I am not happy about it! I did a ton of grappling on Sunday, but that was the last day I rolled, so that means I’m having to go a total of five days without rolling. My husband has already been warned that I am liable to be difficult to get along with during this time, because I can be pretty cranky when I don’t get my fix.

I doubt most people train for tournament by not grappling, but her theory is that I am “accident prone”, and she doesn’t want me to get injured beforehand. Hell, I want to get injured, so I will have a good excuse if I lose! Just kidding.

I have been given permission to do some slow-rolling, but anyone who knows me knows that “slow” and I are not on speaking terms, so it has to be with a partner who can constantly remind me to slow down and take it easy. That does not even sound like a good time to me! Argh (yes, I am so frustrated that it’s causing me to talk like a pirate!)

I guess I will just have to try to let all the good vibes from grappling on Sunday hold me over until after the tournament. We had a guest man (a cage fighter, a brick house, a super saiyan!) come to women’s jiu-jitsu class that day, to roll with me and help me get ready for the tournament. All I did during class was trade back and forth grappling between him and Sky. It was incredible.

I guess a bonus to my grappling restriction is that by the time the tourney gets here, I will be so ready to roll that I won’t be able to contain myself.

“Because I’m hyped up out of control. If it’s a fight, I’m ready to go
I wouldn’t put my money on the other guy, if you know what I know that I know”– Sick Puppies


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