Karate Kids

If you think training martial arts is hard, try teaching it to a group of fifty elementary school students! My family and I have been teaching a karate clinic at one of the local schools, and simply getting them to all pay attention is a challenge unto itself. Luckily, my husband has an awesome dad voice, and I have a great mom stare, so we manage to keep them in line (most of the time :)

The clinic ended with an open house yesterday at the dojo, where the parents came with their kids to watch them demonstrate the things they learned. I am happy to say that the kids did actually learn a little bit. We also demonstrated some karate and judo for them, which is always fun, they especially love to watch the Sensei get thrown.

Shihan is real adamant about not trying to “sell” the dojo to anyone, so our goal with these clinics isn’t to try to get a bunch of students into the school, but just to introduce martial arts to them and hopefully spark an interest. As he always says, the youth are what is going to keep it going, and we have to invest in the future.

“No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. Teacher say, student do.”- Mr Miyagi


2 comments on “Karate Kids

  1. That is a great philosophy. Martial arts sells itself. I knew immediately that I loved it (Karate, Judo and BJJ). It's great that you guys are working with children. Though I'd hate to be on the receiving in of a "Mom stare" or "Dad voice."

  2. Thank you! We really love working with kids. There's nothing like sharing your love of martial arts and seeing them enjoying it.Luckily, we don't have to use the Dad voice or Mom stare very often, because most of the kids are really interested and willing to learn, often more so than adults :-)

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