Ramble On

My thought process ever since I decided to compete…

Oh no, the tournament is coJay dogming up! Why did I sign up, oh why? I could just stay home and play Fallout 3 instead. No, I already paid the money, I can’t waste it. I should have just spent the money on tacos. Man, I love tacos. Oh, I shouldn’t eat too many tacos before the tournament, I’m trying to stay in the 118< weight division. After the tourney, I’m going to go to Super Taco and get fifty tacos and eat them all. That is, if I live through the tournament. That’s silly, I won’t die…but I could end up with a broken arm. Don’t be stupid, Gina, just tap. No, I hate tapping! Okay, I guess I will tap, but not for chokes. If they want to choke me, they’re going to have to put me out.Keep calm and ramble on

That’s enough! Just stop thinking about the tournament, think about puppies instead. Ah, puppies are so cute! I love my puppy, even though he annoys me a lot. I wonder if you can choke out animals just like people. I wonder which choke would work best on a pit bull. Not that I would ever do that! Unless it was in self-defense, then I would guess a rnc would be the best choice.

Hey, you’re supposed to be thinking about puppies, not choking! Seriously, just forget about the tournament. Stop being all ocd about it, every time it comes into your mind, just force it out. Okay, I can do that. Wait, no I can’t, I have to think about it because I only have a week and a half to get ready! Yeah well, freaking out about it is not helping.

Why did I sign up, oh why?


7 comments on “Ramble On

  1. LOLOLOL! I go through the same angst every time I sign up for something outside of my little dojo. 'Why, oh why did I sign up for XXX? Too late now, I already paid for it…'

  2. Good luck! I can't wait to hear about it. I'm sure you will do great, and as I'm sure you've been told something similar before, but at my first competition, my instructor said, "Don't even worry about what happens when you step out there. Having the courage to do it is what makes me proud of you."

  3. LOL! I have felt the same way about the tournaments I have been in. The veterans at my school tell me it gets easier. But I am still a nervous wreck before competing!

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