I’ve decided to compete in the Best of the Best Tournament that’s coming up in a couple of weeks, and now I am trying to not freak out. My biggest problem with competition is that I just really hate being watched. I think it’s a proven fact that I always do things better when no one is watching. Kitsune suggested on her blog that she could just jump the girl in the bathroom beforehand, which I thought was an excellent idea! I would totally be honest about whether I won or not, and we wouldn’t need a scorekeeper because my fights always end in submission, so the points don’t matter.

I know it’s a game and I should care about points, but I really don’t. I know how to get them, I just never focus on it when I compete. That’s even true when I point spar in karate. There have been a couple of matches that I won without even realizing it was over, because I had no idea what the score was. I just think points are annoying, and I don’t want to pay attention to them. I don’t like rules either, but I do follow those (only because I have to).

Not playing for points is one thing my husband and I agree on, One time when he was in a judo match, he was ahead by points, with only about fifteen seconds left. He could have played it safe and won, but he went for the ippon and got counter thrown. That’s how we roll!

So yeah, I’m fighting, and someone is probably going to get submitted. These are the only points I care about…


4 comments on “Points?

  1. I agree. My martial arts training is primarily self-defense focussed. I still don't really understand the points system very well. I have had to have teachers explain to me stuff like: If you grab half guard from the bottom, you'd better be COMMITTED to it- because if you grab a half-assed half guard and the guy pulls his leg out, you just gave him points for passing your guard. I have also had teachers yelp at me for "reversing myself" (and thus giving the other guy points) when I thought I was just changing position because I had some bright idea of what I was going to do from there.Another thing I have been reprimanded for is getting a top position and then moving to something else without waiting for my points.Points are a big pain in the tush if you ask me! :-(

  2. Good luck preparing for the tournament!! :) I see where you guys are coming from, but I have a different opinion about points. BJJ is about more that just submissions. A lot of BJJ centers around being able to control your opponent, so I think it's good that people are awarded points based on how well they can display that control in a fight against someone who is opposing them with everything they have. Of course, I would rather finish a match with a submission. lolAnd I get a talking to for reversing myself during grapples, too. Especially when it involves guard. I love guard too darn much! ;)

  3. Lol Kitsune! If the points are about controlling people, why don't you get any points for side control? I think it is one of the most effective controlling techniques. It's easier for me to escape from mount than side control or scarf hold.But essentially, I think I am just too lazy to think about points :-)

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