I Choke People

Me & SaraThe picture at the top of my blog: hadaka-jime, aka rear naked choke, aka my favorite submission. I’m not saying it’s the one I tap people out with the most (that would probably be sode guruma-jime, or maybe sankaku-jime), but it’s the one I like the best. It’s just a very simple and effective technique that is made for skinny crow-bar arms like mine. I like it so much that my preferred method of hugging my dojo friends is to jump on their backs and RNC them.

Whenever we work on defensive tactics training at the dojo, we always do a form of rear naked choke. It has been called “The Great Equalizer”, because it allows a small person to effectively defend themselves against a larger one. This makes it a perfect tool for people like myself. It can be effective either standing or from the ground, and it doesn’t require the use of clothing. The guillotine choke, aka my second favorite sub, is also applicable for those reasons, since it is essentially the same choke put on from the front.

During my karate black belt test I was asked what my favorite technique was, and I said choking. In a self-defense situation, I don’t want to be exchanging punches, trying to break arms, or resorting to eye gouging. If I can choke someone, then get the hell out of Dodge, that’s what I’m going to do. Shihan always says “Let it make sense”, and that just makes the most sense to me.

However be warned: if you attack me and I am unable to choke you unconscious, I will gouge out your eyes and not think twice about it. Don’t try me! Wouldn’t you rather just take a little nap?


7 comments on “I Choke People

  1. I am definitely a fan of chokes. But my favorites right now are all gi chokes and triangle chokes from different positions. I love the rnc too, though. ;)

  2. Choking rules :) Gi chokes have always been one of my faves, but I felt like I was relying on them too much, so I've been trying to branch out more.

  3. I too am a choker. For whatever reason, I do not see arm bars are readily as I probably should… but, as a result, I work chokes a lot…. and I can't say that I hate it. LOL

  4. Lol! Instead of not seeing armbars, I think I'm just not looking for them. I have a one-track mind…"in which manner shall I choke you today?" :D

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