The Marine

In a time not so long ago, there was a very shy, but equally rebellious, karateka who did not like to follow rules, or be told what to do. ThSparring classen one day she went to sparring class, and she met a big, scary Marine who would not put up with her crap. He made her step out of her comfort zone, and he pushed her harder than anyone had before. He told everyone to not take it easy on her, and he repeatedly made her do things she didn’t want to do…in front of other people! He made her memorize things and recite them, and he wanted her to know more than just what was required of her. He refused to accept anything less than her best, and he would not listen to her excuses.

Mr. IncredibleHe did all of this without being mean, he did it with caring. He didn’t make her want to quit, he motivated and inspired her. He never made her feel like she didn’t belong, and he never gave up on her. He helped her to become more than she ever thought was possible. From an unlikely friendship, The Marine and The Army Brat, a life was changed.

Thank you David Ossian-Sensei (aka The Marine, aka Mr. Incredible).
Semper Fi. Hoo-rah!

David T. OssianActual conversation:

Me: It’s hot, I don’t want to wear my gi.

Dave: It’s not hot, try hiking through the Kuwaiti desert with 90 pounds of gear strapped to your back! Shut up and put on your gi.

Me: Grrrrrrr (while putting on my gi).


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