Slow and Low

I realized my jiu-jitsu obsession was getting out of control when random songs started reminding me of jiu-jitsu. I even think that some of them are secretly about jiu-jitsu. Come on, it’s pretty obvious…

“If you’re gonna roll with me, baby let me know
If all you wanna do is get down, then you gotta go.”- Blaque

“Come down don’t you resist
You have such a delicate wrist
And if I give it a twist
Something to hold when I lose my grip.”- Foo Fighters

“Get on through it, roll with it, baby
Luck’ll come and then slip away, you’ve gotta move, bring it back to stay
You just roll with it, baby, come on and just roll with it, baby
You and me, roll with it, baby, hang on and just roll with it, baby”- Steve Winwood

“Dealing out the agony within
Charging hard and no one’s gonna give in
Living on your knees, conformity
Or dying on your feet for honesty
Inbred our bodies work as one
Bloody, but never cry submission
Following our instinct not a trend
Go against the grain until the end.”- Metallica

“Got you in a stranglehold baby you best get outta the way.”- Ted Nugent

“Move in now move out
Hands up now hands down
Back up back up
Tell me what you’re gonna do now
Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ “- Limp Bizkit

“Never Surrender, it’s easier said than done
But you go to finish what’s already begun.”- Triumph

“Oh you got to, got to roll with the changes
You got to, got to, got to, got to
To keep on rollin’
(Keep on rollin’)
Got to keep on
(Keep on rollin’)
Oh you got to, got to, got to, got to
Got to, got to keep on rollin'”- REO Speedwagon

“If only I don’t bend and break
I’ll meet you on the other side
I’ll meet you in the light
If only I don’t suffocate.”- Keane

And the number one song, from which you can learn everything you need to know about jiu-jitsu if you listen close enough…

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