Phenomenal Woman

Conan & AmyAs a woman learning jiu-jitsu, I feel fortunate to have my very own female jiu-jitsu teacher, Amy. She actually teaches the women’s class at our dojo, but it only consists of my daughter and I, so she’s like our personal trainer. We’ve had a few women stop by and visit the class, but so far no one else has moved in.

Amy learned jiu-jitsu in a very different environment than the one I’m learning in. When she started, the class was very small, and consisted primarily of MMA fighters. She was the only woman, and it was really sink or swim for her. At that time I probably would have sunk, but Amy swam. Her tenacity and spirit have gone a long way toward making me the fighter I am today. She’s also a hero who pulls people out of burning cars and stuff, but that’s another story.

Amy has insight and experience that are hard to find. In addition to her jiu-jitsu training, she is also a skilled judoka. Even though Skyler and I complain about Throwing Sundays, we know that she is teaching us very valuable skills. Amy has a great understanding of the competition aspect of her arts, but even more important, she has personal experience with the real world applications as well. As someone who works in law enforcement, she understands the practical side of our training.

Since my daughter and I are her only students, we get benefits that anyone training should envy. She’s able to watch us do drills and roll, so she can see our mistakes and help us correct them. All of our classes are geared toward exactly what we need, or want, to work on. We don’t move on to something else until we can execute our current task. I get this kind of training just because I’m a dame!

I think that I suck at grappling, but Amy would probably disagree. Whenever I roll with one of the women who visit our class, she always says “Now, take it easy on her, don’t hurt her.” I believe the fact that she says this within earshot of them is the reason they don’t come back to our class! Seriously, if you are a woman training jiu-jitsu in the Lincoln area, and you don’t come to our women’s jiu-jitsu class, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s probably the least formal class in the dojo. We work hard, have fun, learn and laugh a lot. We would love to share it with you.

Women Only Jiu-Jitsu Class Sundays 12-1:30
1811 N St. Lincoln, Ne (402)474-5425

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