The Power

Super Ju Jitsu!Even though I don’t tap people out nearly as often as I would like, when it does happen it must be super-powerful, because I’ve started to notice that almost everyone I’ve ever submitted has quit jiu-jitsu. I’m afraid that sometimes the beginners look at me and think I am going to be an easy fight, then they find out they can’t beat me. Maybe being tapped out by an over-35, 115 lb woman is a little much for them to take, but I think it should inspire them, not make them quit. I would hope they’d say “Whatever they are teaching her, I need to learn that!”

If I couldn’t tap out any white belts, I would really start to question my abilities. I just wish that when it does happen, my partners would set aside their ego and see the power of jiu-jitsu. I wish they would understand that if they keep training not only will they probably be able to submit me, they will also be able to tap out people who are bigger/stronger/younger/cooler than they are, just as I can (except cooler…no one is cooler than I am).

So, I’ve been telling myself that maybe it’s actually a good thing that I can’t submit as many people as I would like to. Heck, I want to tap all of you out, but I guess if I could, then everyone would just quit, and it’s no fun rolling by yourself…no matter how good you are.


2 comments on “The Power

  1. Lol! Ok, I've got my plan for the next competition: don't wash my gi, and throw up on them…I can't lose! Wait, is throwing up considered tapping?

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