Mama Said Knock You Out

Speaking of inspiration…since the beginniMe & Karinng of my martial arts training there is one person who has always inspired and supported me. Karin is a forty-something mother who started karate with her two boys a couple of years before my family and I did. Well actually, she started in Tai Chi, but quickly realized it wasn’t for her, because as she says “I thought I needed to hit things.” I can personally attest that she definitely learned to hit, if Karin was in MMA she wouldn’t need a ground game, because she would be knocking wenches out!

Her sons eventually lost interest in karate, but Karin never did. If she had, I probably would not still be training. Her passion for martial arts, and life in general, is contagious, and she has always been my biggest mentor and role model. She is the epitome of a strong, confident, open-minded, and kind person, and she has taught me the meaning of perseverance and humility.

Karate girls
I’ve heard that the reason most people give for staying in the martial arts is the friendships they have formed. My heart cracked a bit when Karin had to move away, and we could no longer train together all of the time, but that hasn’t stopped her from inspiring and supporting me to this day. As long as Karin keeps coming back every year to beat me up at convention, I will be there.

“My mom can beat up your dad.”- One of Karin’s sons, talking to the other.


4 comments on “Mama Said Knock You Out

  1. I'll come back for as long as I can, although I don't know if I'll be able to beat you up any more! Wish we could still train together all the time. And sing karaoke. And bake cookies. And just hang out. Miss you so much!

  2. Not as much as I miss you. Every time I walk in the dojo, I feel the absence of the Latvian Goddess. Can't wait to see you in June!

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