Safety Dance

A couple of weeks ago in karate class, my husband and I were demonstrating a defense to a standing rear choke that involved me sweeping him to the ground. One of the karateka quipped “You know, most couples just go dancing”. Well, martial arts is how Joe and I dance.

When we spar or grapple, it’s usually a pretty intense fight, neither of us is there to play. We have both recently given the other black eyes during training. Some people seem to think that this is weird, or that we like to hurt one another. The truth is we train this way to help, not hurt, each other. I want to know that the skills I am learning are going to work in real life, and the closer I can get to that in practice the better chance I’m going to have. I need a partner who isn’t going to take it too easy on me, but who knows the limits and doesn’t go too far. There is no one on earth I trust more to do that for me than my husband. It just makes sense.


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