Enjoy the Silence

SmileyI hate it when I am unable to train because of an injury or illness. I sulk around feeling sorry for myself, and each day is like an eternity. It seems to be such a waste of time, like I’m at a standstill. It’s not that I have some end goal that it’s preventing me from reaching, I just miss the thrill of the chase when I’m away.

“Music is made up of silence as much as it is sound.”- Anonymous’ comment on my last post has made me rethink what I see as down time. When I am unable to physically train, does that mean my learning comes to a halt? No. I might even learn more during those periods, because it allows me to step back and see the big picture. Those are the times when I look deeper into my art, and see the things I might have missed along the way.

IfIwrotewithnospacesitwouldbehardtoread. Just like training without room left for reflection makes it hard to absorb. If you’re constantly doing, and never thinking, you will plateau. Some of my biggest epiphanies haven’t come while I was on the training floor, but afterward when my mind has had time to digest what I’ve learned.

So from now I’m going to try to enjoy the silence as much as I do the sound, because it’s all part of the same song. I just need to remember that I don’t always have to dance to feel the music, sometimes it’s okay to just listen.


2 comments on “Enjoy the Silence

  1. We rarely hear the breath of our world over the noise of our lives.We rarely see the wonderment of our world for the darting, dodging, and dancing renderings that appear and disappear to the undisciplined eye.We rarely feel the union of our world as our minds are touched by a thousand thoughts of the every day.We rarely feel the love of this world as we protect our heart–and fearfully hold it tightly gripped.And tragically, we lose our belief in magic as it is preached out of us, taught out of us, parented out of us, and….scared out of us.We are somewhere between what we are and truly Human Beings.

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