Chasing two rabbits

“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.” -Chinese Proverb

Once upon a time there was a chick named Ginger who liked to chase rabbits. Not just any rabbits, but two in particular named Thumper and Flopsy. She started chasing Thumper first, and he was quite a challenge by himself. She spent many long hours trying to learn everything about him she could, and she was certain that one day she would catch him.

Then along came Flopsy. Ginger was fascinated by her, the way she moved was so different from Thumper. She thought that the two of them complimented one another, and if she could catch both of them she would have the perfect pair of rabbits. So she started to study Flopsy the way she had studied Thumper.

Time went by and Ginger realized she wasn’t really any closer to capturing either rabbit. The time she was putting into chasing Flopsy only allowed Thumper to get farther away. To be able to catch either one of them could require a lifetime of work, and she wasn’t a spring chicken anymore.

Ginger was torn. Should she focus all of her attention on just one rabbit to increase her odds of success, or should she continue her possibly futile quest for the perfect pair?

(To be continued…)

The Rabbits


3 comments on “Chasing two rabbits

  1. Of course, you could just be seeing double. We tend to believe what we see, but we rarely truly….see anything. Our lives are too full of fear and our own internal dialogue. We are afraid to truly see, and we rarely hear anything above the noise of our lives. Music is made up of silence as much as it is sound. Leaves of a tree are defined as much by the spaces between the leaves than the living fabric itself. So, too, an art is made up of emptiness as much as it is something we can touch, smell or hear. Cast about the search earnestly.

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