I’m not worthy (part 2)

I also recently had a conversation with karate. It didn’t go as well.

K- Where’ve you been? I haven’t seen you around lately.

G- Ummmm…yeah…I’ve been meaning to come by, but I’ve been real busy.

K- So, you’re too busy to even say hi to me for months, but every other day you’re out running around with that floozy jiu-jitsu?

G- It’s not like that, I swear! You are my first love, I will never leave you.

K- Have you ever considered the possibility that I might leave you.

G- You wouldn’t!

K- Have you forgotten things about me since you’ve been away?

G- Yes.

K- See, you’re already losing me.

G- (Shame. Tears. I leave the floor. I take off my black belt and put on a white one.)


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