I’m not worthy

I thought I’d share a recent conversation I had with jiu-jitsu. It went well, we worked some things out.

JJ- What are you doing here, old lady? You don’t belong, no one wants you here.

G- You’re right. I just…I really like you a lot.

JJ- Of course you do, everyone does. Except for a few wusses, but they don’t matter.

G- I know, right?! I think about you all the time.

JJ- Well, you do seem dedicated, and you worship me, so maybe I will let you hang around awhile.

G- I’m not worthy.

JJ- No, you’re not. So you better be ready to work.

G- Yes Sir!

JJ- Excuse me, I think you meant Ma’am.

G- Holy crap! You’re a woman?

JJ- Of course I am, that’s why I’m such a bitch.

G- Yes Ma’am!


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