Do you want a cookie?

Cookie monster!It’s no coincidence that the title of this blog refers to cookies…I ♥ cookies. Actually, I like all kinds of sweets, but cookies are special. Cookies are love. I hate to cook, but I like baking cookies. Usually when I make them it’s to give them away. A gift of homemade cookies always seems to be appreciated, and I think it’s something not many people do anymore. My friend Karin has even bartered with homemade cookies.

Sometimes we forget that simple things can touch a heart and show how much we care. It might be easier to just buy packaged cookies, but they never taste as good, or mean as much, as ones you make yourself. A gift of homemade sweets is a gift from the heart. So if I make you cookies, it’s my way of telling you that I care about you. If you’re one of those weird people who doesn’t like them (inconceivable!), that’s okay, just share the love with someone who does.


3 comments on “Do you want a cookie?

  1. Ah, biscuits. I knew ginger snaps were the same (or at least similar) to ginger nuts over here, but got momentarily confused when you said cookies. That difference in British and American English still sometimes muddles my reading comprehension. ;)

  2. Wasting large amounts of time on the internet talking BJJ has done wonders for my internal American to British English dictionary, but it's still pretty flawed. I didn't realise 'sidewalk' was the same as 'pavement' until relatively recently. ;p

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