Rock the Bells

I'd rather throw ya than know yaExcitement and nervousness are basically the same feelings, it’s all in how you interpret them, so yesterday whenever I started to become nervous about practicing throwing in class, I told myself that I was just excited… “Woohoo, gonna take some people down!”, and I wasn’t entirely successful in getting rid of the nerves, but I was definitely more at ease. Tumbleweed was also my drilling partner, and he’s trained some Judo, so he helped me relax (fall like a water balloon, not a bowling ball ;) plus he gave me a lot of good pointers on the throws (sumi gaeshi and kibisu gaeshi?), then by end of practice, Professor Greg said my technique looked “pretty clean”.

During standing sparring yesterday, they rang a bell every time someone got a good throw, and all four of my partners had their bells rung once! By that I mean they each threw me (and I threw nobody), but the most spectacular one was when Mike tossed me with tomoe nage, and I screamed. I wasn’t hurt at all, it was just like when you holler on a roller coaster, because it’s equal parts scary and fun!

It looks like we’re going to be working on throwing in the advanced classes for at least the next week or two, but repetition is probably exactly what I need to increase my comfort level, and turn my pseudo-excitement real. I actually did have a great time during training last night, so maybe throwing isn’t quite so bad after all.

” L.L. Cool J. is hard as hell, battle anybody I don’t care who you tell.” -L.L. Cool J.

Stand Up

judo-throwI’ve finally arrived at the point in BJJ where I rarely feel anxiety concerning the techniques, because I can usually execute them now (even if they’re new to me), and nothing seems as complicated as it used to be. So, I was feeling pretty relaxed when I went to the advanced last night, but then Professor Greg said “I think we’ll do some stand up”, and Tumbleweed responded with “Cool!”, but my reaction was more like “NOOOOOOOOO!”. I almost had a panic attack, and I can’t remember the last time we practiced throwing, or started sparring from standing in the advanced classes, since it’s rare (but I’m fine with that ;). I even managed to get out of Throwing Sunday in Ethridge class at the dojo this month, because my husband has a rib injury, which actually occurred while he was being thrown (but not by me).

I was still in panic mode when it came time to partner up last night, but thankfully Danger chose to work with me, so I breathed a sigh of relief. Contrary to his nickname, David is a safe training partner, so I truly appreciated that he was there for me. Despite the fact that the worst injury I’ve received in Jiu-Jitsu (a broken wrist) happened as a result of being thrown, I know that my fear of throwing (or rather, falling) is somewhat irrational, but it’s easier to overcome when I have an experienced partner who helps me feel at ease.

I did feel a little stupid and uncoordinated when we were drilling the throws, and that could’ve been partially due to nerves, but my technique improved with practice. During the stand up sparring at the end of class, I was more tired than I usually am when rolling, but then I realized that I was holding my breath, so I just tried to relax. I wasn’t able to get any throws on anyone (I lack confidence and my posture sucks), but I also didn’t get thrown much (Throwing Sundays have probably helped with that). I really only remember going down twice, and the falling wasn’t bad at all.

guard-pullersI guess throwing is one of my final frontiers of fear in Jiu-Jitsu, and although I would prefer to avoid it altogether (in guard we trust! ;), I know it’s a useful skill to have, so I want to be comfortable with it, at the very least. I’m not sure if we’re going to practice throwing again in the advanced class tomorrow night, and if we do, I might experience some fear, but I’ll stand up to it!

“When I move you move (just like that)” -Ludacris